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You’ll get the results you need working with the best SEO Agency!

With our predictable and repeatable digital marketing strategy, we will help you dominate the search engines and leave your competitors wondering what happened!

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Your business will get the exposure it deserves by dominating the rankings in Google. We’ll make all digital roads lead to you.

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Our services will help drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

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Celebrate seeing your company grow with a constant news stream of inquiries from new customers wanting to purchase your goods and services.

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Why Us?

Digital Marketing Strategy


We offer the full suite of digital marketing. Decide whether you’d like us to manage your entire digital marketing strategy or just parts of it. Either way, you’re in good hands. read more…

The way your customers find you is changing, and Google clearly favors sites that are well structured, fast and mobile compliant. We produce gorgeous websites that not only convert but also are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) compliant

Using best practice usability design, call to action key zones, and analytics we will co-ordinate a sequence of split tests on your key pages to improve your conversion within your buying funnel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a sequence of safe techniques and activities we apply to help YOUR site show at the top of the search engines. As you know, if your business isn’t on page one then your missing out.

More and more of your customers are out there using social media. It is now the norm for a business to not only have a presence but also to actively contribute on social media. We can help you create right through to full-service complete social management of your social accounts

We can help product and more importantly promote your videos online. More and more people prefer to consume video as their preferred form of content. We will help you create video content of your products and services, and then promote them so they reach your target market.

Consumers are looking for businesses like yours that they can Trust as Experts and an Authority in your field. Guess what, so is Google! As we promote your brand, Google we begin to recognize YOUR brand as the Experts and authority and most trustworthy and will prefer to list your website higher.

Here’s What Some Have Had To Say about Us

Ray is a true professional. His ability to assess a site, and the competition, then effortlessly formulate a plan to rank that site on page one is incredible. I don’t know how he does it, but he never misses the mark.

Cristian Reyes, LeadZest

Hiring Ray is hiring an expert. I trust him to get the job done and rank everything he touches.

Grace Chivell, Chivell Internet Media

Ray Coleiro is an outstanding expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. If you’re looking for top results for your company you will want to hire Ray from ADV SEO Services!

Kenneth Carter, Alpha Omega Solutions

I have seen time and time again Ray always pulling through for clients and exceeding their expectations, I had the pleasure of working closely with him on numerous projects which I look forward to doing so more in the future.

Craig Doty, Grappler Media

Ray has been around the SEO game for a very long time. With that he has developed contacts in the industry that many other agencies would only dream about. This means he can get backlinks from websites that others can’t which is why he gets the amazing results he does.

Debra Willis, Key Solutions Online

There are SEO “experts”, and there are SEO experts. Make no mistake, Ray Coleiro is one of the few actual experts out there. He sees search engine marketing as a profession, and his clients benefit from everything that you would expect a professional to bring to the table: expertise, integrity, and a deep love for the field. I recommend him without hesitation.

Edgar Vidal, My Sink Media

Ray is one of a kind when it comes to helping businesses grow on the Internet. If you ever cross paths, consider yourself one of the lucky few. I highly recommend Ray as a true business professional in the area of Digital Marketing!!

Dora Taverna, Top Consulting Services

Everyone knows that the first page of Google is where you need to be if you want your business to grow. Ray is one of the few who know how to actually get you there – and he has a track record of results to prove it. If you need help with increasing the visibility of your website get in contact with Ray.

Jeff Newman, Hope Media Group

Ray is able to see things that many others can’t when it comes to SEO. He was able to produce outstanding results and everyone couldn’t be happier with the project. He is a good guy too.

Bill Cook, Tangible Vagaries

A truly honest gentleman that gets results. He helped us with a campaign and did a super job. No wonder everyone is talking about him.

David Melo, Digital Poseidon

Ray is a genuinely nice person. Despite his success he remains humble and truly committed to helping businesses get more traffic. If you want an expert SEO that you can trust, then you cant find better than Ray.

Garrett Suzak, Garrett Suzak Digital Media

Our Proven Process Produces Results


You know your Business far better than we do, however as we begin, we genuinely seek to understand as much as we can about your goals, objectives and strategic direction. We try to get in-sync with your business to a point where we can almost treat your business as if it were our own!


Here is where we take a good look at what is going on and identify key areas that, if improved, can help you reach your goals. This will be uniquely customized to YOUR business. Combined with an understanding of what your goals are, and where you currently are, we will identify the gaps to help you reach those goals. We cover three main areas. These are 1. Your Website, 2. Your Content & 3. Your Search Engine Rankings


After careful consideration, based on where you are now, and where you want to get to, plus a full awareness of the gaps identified, a holistic overall digital strategy is formulated for your business.

We’ll take the time to discuss this with you, and then together we can agree to move on part or the complete plan.


This is where the rubber meets the road, and the marathon begins. We’ll both have a perfectly clear understanding of the plan for your digital marketing strategy – and we’ll get to work on it for you. You will get monthly reports on where we’re up to so you are always kept informed of how it’s going.


We will constantly question how well our plan is working. Has your marketplace responded? How well has Google responded to our efforts? With ongoing evaluation, we can determine whether we need to alter or maintain current strategies. The Internet and those search engine algorithms are always changing, and we’ll adapt to any changes that may occur.

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Choosing The Right SEO Services

When it comes to choosing SEO services, there is a lot of conflicting information about what to look for. Some experts state that you need to hire a large SEO company while others state that a smaller company would be best. It is important that you know what aspects of the SEO services to look at and determine which is best for your company based on your needs.

The Size Of The Company

The size of the SEO agency that you choose to work with should be linked to what you need the service to do and the customer relationship you want. An SEO company with many employees will often offer additional services that smaller companies may not be able to. They will also have dedicated professionals for the different aspects of your website.

A smaller SEO agency may not be able to offer the same number of services, but there are many who can. Instead of a dedicated expert for each task, smaller businesses will generally have a single person who works on your entire account. For some businesses, this is better because they have one point of contact and have one person working on the account and understanding what they are trying to achieve.

Some businesses find that a smaller SEO company offers more personalized service when compared with large companies. If you are looking for a personalized service then you should consider a small SEO agency. Larger companies are ideal for businesses who have a lot of work for the service and are not looking for a very personalized service.

The Page Rank Of The Service

Many people make the mistake of using Google to look for SEO services and then choosing the first one that comes up. The logic behind this is sound because most people assume that the best SEO expert will rank highly on the search engines. The truth is, that many of the best services will get most of their business through referrals and word of mouth. This means that they will not have to spend too much time perfecting their own SEO strategy.

It is recommended that you do use the search engines to find the services, but you should not rely solely on page rank to determine if you should use them. Some of the high ranking SEO experts will not have many clients and will focus all of their time on getting a top search rank. These services might not offer you the services and experience that you need.

The Pricing Structure

When you choose an SEO company, you need to look at the pricing structure of the services. Many people do not realize that the pricing structure of the service tells you a lot about the type of service they are running. The ideal SEO agency for your needs will have a tiered pricing structure that suits a range of different businesses. You should be able to buy basic SEO services from the company and add additional services to match your needs.

If the service has a price per keyword you need to be careful. These services will often have a tool that they simply enter your business into and run. There will generally be little additional work done into the keywords or into the other services that are offered.

When looking at the prices, you should not hire the company that offers the cheapest prices. However, you should not hire the most expensive company either. You need to carefully consider what your business is able to afford and find an SEO expert that fits into this price range. When comparing the prices on offer, you should also ensure that you are comparing like with like and check that the services you compare are identical.

The Techniques Used

One of the most important points to consider when looking to hire an SEO expert are the techniques they use. There are 2 types of techniques that could be used and they are white or black hat. There are a number of different methods that fall into each technique and you need to consider this.

White hat techniques are the best and work the best with the search engines. White hat techniques will take longer to show results, but they offer better long-term visibility for your business. Some techniques that fall into white hat include content marketing, organic link building and the addition of your business to directories.

Black hat techniques will provide short-term results, but the search engines do not generally approve of them and this could lead to penalties or your website being removed from the search results. Black hat techniques often use underhanded methods to get people to your website and to increase the number of links. Some of the black hat techniques to know about are content stuffing, spamming and the purchasing of links.

When you first contact any SEO service provider, you need to ask them about the techniques that they use. Any quality service will be happy to tell you about the techniques they use and what they will do for your business. If the service does not want to tell you about the techniques or replies with vague answers they could be using black hat techniques and you need to consider using a different company.

It is also important that the service asks about your business before they give you information about what they will do. Each business is different and will require different techniques. An e-commerce website will need different SEO to a local bakery and the service needs to know this. If the SEO company offers you a plan without asking about your business you should reconsider hiring them.

The right SEO service for your business will depend on a number of factors. The budget that you have is important and you need to choose a company within your price range. You also need to consider the services that you need and whether or not you want a personalized service.