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About Us

Our founder, Ray Coleiro has been involved in Internet Marketing since 2004. Those were the days when you could get 5c clicks on Google AdWords. That was also the time when you could rank well on Google simply by listing your keywords on your page description!

A lot has changed since then, and we’ve seen plenty since that time. Social media along with video marketing is huge right now, the cost to advertise in Google is skyrocketing.

At ADV SEO Services, we are a highly trained and experienced team of digital marketing professionals. We not only ‘know our stuff’, but we have over a dozen years experience to back it up. 12 years may not sound like much but in terms of “Internet Years”, its a lifetime.

Our team are not just experts, but many TRULY know what it is like to run an online business. Many have run successful e-commerce, info-marketing, and lead generation businesses online. This means, when they deal with your business, they can really say they’ll treat it like their very own.

So who are we? We are a group of highly trained and experienced digital marketing professionals who are passionate about getting incredible results for their clients!

Want to reach out to us? Awesome!

Contact us here: https://advseoservices.com/contact/

Our Philosophy on SEO

Our philosophy about Search Engine Optimization is quite simple.

People First, Search Engines Second!

Think of it in a similar way to a “Build it and they will come” approach. Your target audience, your potential customers are already there, actively searching online for information relating to your product or service. They are there now not only searching for the best content, but also researching who to trust, who to deal with, and who has the greatest authority in that marketplace.

At ADV SEO Services we focus on building relevant and meaningful content that not only serves the needs of your people, your potential customers, but exceeds their expectations. It’s about over delivering content to your market so there’s no doubt about your credibility and trustworthiness. After all it’s people who use the Internet, which is why we start with people first.

Only when we have developed a people-focused digital marketing strategy, will we turn our attention to the search engines. Building it so they’ll come is only half of the approach – BUT you have got to build it first! Then you have to share it to increase the awareness and visibility  of your content. There is no point creating the best content online if no-one knows its there! Sadly this is more common than you’d think. This is where we begin to apply our years of experience with SEO to increase the visibility of your content, your website and product or service offerings.

Our search engine optimization practices are coordinated in a way that reaches out to your people, your target audience. They are safe and reliable practices designed to last for the long-term. Search engines are there to provide the highest quality of information to their users. At ADV SEO Services, we operate in-line with what the search engines like Google, want. This way, you won’t need to worry about always trying to keep up with their changes – you are already providing exactly what they want – the best possible user experience!